Group Dynamics

Blending group learning

and individual coaching

Executive Group Dynamics EGD is an intensive collective course, designed to combine both the dynamics of an interactive executive group learning experience a tailor-made individual counselling program.

In the very competitive senior employment market, traditional business models and approaches don’t work. It is therefore of paramount importance that you increase your perceived value, in order to generate differentiation and give you the edge. EGD provides a unique mix of job search techniques to help you to explore the hidden segment of an ever evolving job market.

The objective of EGD is to significantly improve your attractiveness and become the «number 1 on the podium.» It will equip you with an actionable and optimal search strategy which will allow you to uncover new job opportunities as quickly as possible.

To keep the momentum at a maximum, the number of participants is limited and meetings are condensed for optimal results.

Small, non-competitive groups are formed in order to be more specific on business-relevant topics. They also enable you to share more openly and leverage the know-how and experiences in an exclusive environment.

Let’s give yourself an “Unfair Advantage”

«Jean-Luc Jolliet is the secret ingredient of every successful career. Wherever you are in your progression, whether you’ve just been promoted, are hoping for a move or have even just been let go, he will reveal the strengths that you yourself may not even be aware of and then support your journey of discovery to your ideal position. It was a pleasure and a privilege to have Jean-Luc accompany me on my own long road to self-realisation and fulfilment. I am happier today than I ever thought possible. I no longer have a job, I have a passion which provides me with all I could hope for, both professionally and personally.»

Global Expert in Customer Centricity