Are You a Chance?

We all know, what is true today… might be different tomorrow. This a concern especially when it comes to your career.

Confronted to many challenges (image, power games, pressure, trust, performance, permanent changes, new strategy-CEO, newcomers on the market, customer volatility) and often alone to think about and take decisions concerning your career paths, You’d better be prepared to take calculated career risks and create regular opportunities for development.

Behave like a Chance

Chance is a skill that can be learnt. Here are some tips to get You started and noticed. This is the stepping stone of The Art of Career Governance.

  • Create a positive context-ecosystem around You that contributes to win a set of circumstances.
  • Develop a dynamic of leads that induce unsolicited career opportunities.
  • Position Yourself far in advance as a differentiator.
  • Meet people and approach your preferred and targeted companies that are in line with a predetermined career strategy.
  • See far but aim short. Have a vision and size up unexpected opportunities as they come along.
  • Be an offer that “clicks” to a need of the market because chance is when preparation meets opportunity.

The true chance is not what happens to us but is what you do with what happens once you stop planning.

You are Your Best Career Insurance

Being visible and believable, appropriately and regularly on the market while in position and “when the sky is blue”, will enable the value creation context for the market and generate for You a sense of security, self-awareness, confidence, motivation, action and autonomy. It is a mindset of influencing Your future and moving Your career ahead while securing sustainable professional success. It contributes to avoid the feeling of “being a hostage” of a context or a puppet victim of time and external influence.

Minimizing risks and in turn taking calculated ones, is the best antidote to comfort-induced passivity and the immobility that stems from preconceived ideas. You will create opportunities rather than being led by them.

Remember, You are Your best Career Insurance!

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