Since the start of your career everything has gone well, but above all, very fast. Your studies, your first job, a successful career development, everything fitted together without your having to ask yourself too many questions…

But wouldn’t you now like to take command of your future, to take some initiatives? What if you took the time to offer yourself a tailored professional reflection? And what if you decided to take a new career direction, the one you really want?

Today, you…




Analyse the career path you have taken so far

You, your profession, your company, now and in the future

Are you at a cross-roads? Will your skills still be valued in 2 years, 5 years or 10 years from now? Where will your company take you in the coming 5 years? In which position? Under the influence of which shareholders? With what strategy and under which CEO?




Dare to make a change

Your approach, your positioning

Are you rather the fox or the hedgehog? Both at the same time or sometimes one and sometimes the other?

More fox? Shrewd, Astute, Cunning
More hedgehog? Confident, Serene, Tenacious

Take a pause



Let your imagination run

Your career desires

Imagination and reason can communicate and be in harmony. Let’s develop those ideas that can enrich your career.

Take action



Dare to make a change

Your professional horizon, your perspectives

The time has come to change to a higher gear, to drive your career and influence your future. You need to be armed with the necessary indicators to direct your future because influencing the evolution of a career is like leading a business.

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If you recognise yourself in these statements, the time has come for us to meet !

So let’s…


in total confidence and on the same wavelength


your own needs to develop a personalized programme


the next career step


the return on your investment

“The fox has more than one trick in the bag. The hedgehog has only one but he is efficient…”

And you? Are you rather the fox or a hedgehog? In the end it’s not important what your personal strategy is; what is important, is whether or not it is effective. To save time, you need to know how to take time for yourself.

«Creating career opportunities is the privilege of those who, by taking action, create the need, and not of those who passively inherit a set of predetermined tasks.»

Jean-Luc Jolliet