Career… Are You the Owner?

When I talk to my clients about The Art of Career Governance®, I’m often told «I wish I had that information before…!».

Governing a career is behaving like an entrepreneur leading his business.

The solution is to become the Owner of your Career.

Wouldn’t it be great if You felt empowered not only by your employability but by the changed perception in directing your career and in finding a rewarding professional “avenir”, inside or outside your organisation?

A good start is to ask Yourself the relevant and effective questions.

The ones that matter… and will make You feel valued:

What is my risk profile ?

The analogy with banking and insurance industry is clear: we analyse the criterion and factors that will help you to avoid potential damages. Some of these risks may be:

  • Permanent change, change of boss
  • New company strategy, new shareholders
  • Technological breakthroughs
  • Politics and power games
  • Chemistry issues

Which KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) may help me to measure my attractivity index?

The differentiators, the USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) are many and vary depending on the context and the decision maker you are talking to. It is of paramount importance to know all of them in order to be effective and successful.

Am I prepared enough?

Before you launch your personal marketing campaign, make sure you reflect on your objectives, your future positioning, the way the want to proceed and to communicate and where you want to go.

Do I receive unsolicited career – job proposals?

As a recognized leader, you should be offered leads that are in line with a well structured and predefined career strategy aiming to respond fully to your aspirations.

Do I behave as a value creator instead of a job seeker?

Having a entrepreneurial mindset, proposing a solution to a challenge or identified need will certainly increase your chances of obtaining an offer.

Creating job opportunities is the privilege of those who by taking action, create the need and not of those who passively inherit a set of predetermined tasks. Becoming the owner requires anticipation, preparation, action and time. But it will give you clarity, direction and opportunities. And remember The Future is Now!

I encourage You to be prepared, to take calculated risks for creating the need and be offered regular opportunities for development because… You can be a Chance!

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