You, the One & Only

You need to have the right mindset and an impactful communication to influence your career and to make it happen.To drive your professional future, nothing is worth more than following the “Best Practices” of Career Governance. Has the time come to give this new dimension to your career?

Awareness & Capacity

Discover yourself from a new angle and define your true potential

What is your value and how much are you worth?

What alternatives do you have and how do you measure your marketability-legitimacy

Consider your career cycles and know when to take calculated risks.

Prepare yourself to advance: your competitive positioning.

Be unique.

Brand yourself in the hidden segment of the market.

Motivation & Inspiration

Ignite your internal energy and be prepared

Invest time to gain time: your strategy.

Clarify your direction and your next steps.

Synchronize your professional activity to your own personal values.

Fully value your true potential.

Obtain more enjoyment and fulfilment in your work.

Experience self realisation with passion.

Action & Results

Achieve a new objective and get a return

Confirm your value in the eyes of others: your action plan.

Optimize the level and the efficiency of your network.

Differentiate yourself and get noticed.

Open up hidden career opportunities and secure unsolicited job offers.

Have access to key decision makers.

My Approach & My Objective

Well respected in the business community, my greatest satisfaction comes from creating value and business edge while emphasizing the development of reliability and trust.


as a “mirror” and be a valued trusted sounding-board


you unleash your self-awareness and enable you to advance


you in the direction that is right for you

In assisting you my aim is to be your privileged alter ego who helps you to go further in your ambition, to define your vision, to reformulate and express your professional desires, to focus your potential, to discover other perspectives, and finally to structure your thinking process and your actions around developing your career and achieving sustainable success. Thus you will benefit from the support of a listener who is “outside the system” but who has experience within; a true partner.

Graduated from EHL and IMD, my career journey is anchored in both Leadership, Business Development and the promotion of Human Capital. For over thirty years my preferred focus is the counseling and the learning on topics such as career governance, career transition and executive search while holding operational C-level and board membership positions.

Personally motivated by the optimization of human potential, I am an accomplished executive advisor and facilitator with an international background in multiple industries. I bring a proactive, pragmatic and socially astute competence, that makes a difference.

I excel in delivering on demanding goals and in contributing to attaining individual and organization’s objectives, thanks to a diversity of business exposure combined with both strategic-operational best practices implementation and people motivation. Open-minded, energetic, thoughtful with a proven ability to shape and deliver business solutions, I value professionalism, reputation, reliability and good common sense.

In a nutshell… a mix of business acumen and human touch.



My professional values are centred on achieving clients’ objectives and developing long-term business relationships based on trust.