Create Your Career Before It Creates You!

Create the need 

Being in the know and always prepared means that You need to identify your true value and your potential, to make space and to allow time for actions. If You decide to make your career one of the top 3 priorities of your life (and your living), time (or lack thereof) will never be an excuse to postpone this key topic.

Building a true explorer’s mind, while remaining alert, in order to decipher possible opportunities, will avoid your career being developed by pure coincidence.­

Here are some tips to create that need: 

Be pro-active and systematic in order to generate opportunities and to choose.
For example: book an hour/week to network.

Dare, initiate, act, as opposed to endure. If you don’t activate your own career, there is a competitor waiting to do it to his own advantage, generally at the worst possible time.
For example: dare to introduce yourself at a professional conference.

Propose possible solutions to potential challenges. As a result you will be offered projects, job opportunities with no need to ask for them.
For example: during a lunch with a client, turn his challenge into a solution based on your previous achievements.

Value your skills portfolio, your employment market know-how, gather tangible and intangible information about companies of your interest. In doing so you will experience the dynamics of your employability.
For example: start to follow companies on LinkedIn and then develop a network of contacts working in these targets.

Be in the driver seat

Becoming the pilot, requires anticipation, preparation and time. Taking your own future in hand with conscience, motivation and above all… action is like creating a business. YOU need a vision and aim to get there fast.

Isn’t our true liberty in the world of work to take initiatives and to apply the best practices ? Protecting your most valuable career assets image, reputation, credibility and believability is the stepping stone of The Art of Career Governance.

Remember, create your career before it creates you!

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